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Rocket Industrial is an established industry leader in providing packaging solutions, but we are also pioneers in food packaging safety. Our state of the art 100,000 class cleanroom is the only one in the industry for paper converting. The cleanroom consists of a double walled HVAC system to ensure clean air is delivered, humidity and temperature control, gowning room, and an anti-static floor coating. We are able to produce cheese interleave, pizza wax paper, butcher paper, and any type of kraft paper. Contract pricing and custom specifications are available for all Rocket paper.

Our winder is the first of its kind built specifically for food contact packaging conversion with all FDA approved materials touching the paper. This includes all aluminum idlers, a bowed roll cover, conveyor material, stainless steel transfer plates, polyurethane covered materials, and stainless-steel knives.

Our winder and cleanroom are BRC certified for cutting, rewinding, and packaging materials, which meets the highest of standards for food safety.

Interleave Paper & Kraft TubesInterleave Paper & Kraft TubesInterleave Paper & Kraft Tubes


Less movement and handling of paper is required:

  • Requires one shipment of parent rolls to our facility.
  • Conversion is all done in house and orders will typically ship the next day.
  • Moved into on-site storage until shipment (paper is stored on heat treated, wooden pallets and are weighted and wrapped prior to leaving the cleanroom for added safety and protection

More consistency: 

  • The ends of our shearing knives are set to ¼” increments, which means the width of our paper will be accurate and no rolls will ever be over or undersized.
  • Finished roll construction is tighter with our surface rewinder vs the duplex/center rewinder used by other companies.
  • Producing a continuous log means more reliability roll to roll and set to set.

Whether you need quality kraft paper for interleaving, food packaging, food service, or protective packaging for manufactured products, we can help. Contract pricing and custom specifications are available.


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